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Basics Skill Required To Become A Successful Civil engineer

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Which qualifications do you need to become a successful civil engineer? This is the most common irritating question in each and every engineer. No matter of freshers or experts because learning never ends so read these civil experience articles and know which skills are required to be a good civil engineer.

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    Skills of Civil Engineer

    Only a Civil Engineering degree is not enough to become a professional civil engineer but as civil engineers, we must have proper knowledge of some technical skills, Testing Skills, Equipment knowledge and many more which we explain in today Civil Experience best civil engineering blog article.

    What qualifications do you need to become a civil engineer?

    Civil Engineering Basics Skill To Become A Successful Civil engineer are listed below

    Testing Skills Required for Civil Engineer

    A Good Civil engineer must know these tests which describe below to ensure the quality of work of civil construction.

    Some important Tests which Listed below:

    a] Soil Test

    • Plate Load Test
    • Standard Penetration Test
    • Sand Replacement Method
    • Core Cutter Method
    • Standard Proctor Test
    • Compression test
    • Triaxial Shear test
    • Permeability Test

    b] Test of Aggregate

    • Crushing test
    • Abrasion test
    • Impact test
    • Soundness test
    • Specific gravity
    • water absorption test
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    c] A Test of Cement

    • Soundness Test
    • Fineness Test
    • Consistency Test
    • Setting the Time Test
    • Specific gravity Test
    • Strength Test

    d] Test of Bitumen

    • Penetration Test
    • Ductility Test
    • Softening point Test
    • Relative density Test
    • Viscosity Test, Flash
    • Float Test.

    e] Test of Concrete

    • Slump Test
    • Compressive Strength Test
    • Water Absorption Test

    f] Test of Bricks

    • Water Absorption Test
    • Compressive Strength Test (Crushing Strength Test)
    • Efflorescence Test
    • Dimensions Tolerance Test
    • Hardness Test
    • Size, Shape and Colour Test
    • Warpage Test
    • Soundness Test
    • Structure Test
    • Impact Test

    These are the Some important Test which an honest Engineer Should skill to perform.


    Aware of Instruments 

    An Engineer Should be aware use of Surveying Instruments like Theodolite marking, Total Station,  and measurements. He must realize the newest software of drafting and analysis like AutoCAD, Staad, MX Road etc.

    Knowledge about specifications 

    An engineer should know the quality specifications For construction works. Every country has different specifications. Before Started your work you ought to know the specification or standards of your country.

    Bar bending Schedule

    An engineer should remember about Bar bending Schedule

    Bar Bending Schedule provides the reinforcing details like cutting length of the bar, sort of bend, the length of bending, Shear reinforcement etc.

    Understanding of drawings

    An engineer should be ready to read and understand technical drawings, by which He/She can be ready to guide the subordinate as per design. An Engineer should be ready to prepare Estimates and bills for work.

    A good civil engineer should remember of the latest technology and must be know How to deal with labour and also how to take quality work from them.

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