AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution 2 | UPRVUNL Civil Paper with Solution

AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution

In this civil experience article, we are going to share AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution 2 | UPRVUNL Civil Paper with Solution with you. Hard work can change anything and don’t forget to read another article also for best Preparation of AE Civil Paper with Solution (AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution)

Through a sewer, the maximum discharge is obtained when the depth is about _______ times the full depth.

ANSWER= [D] 0.95

In India, the flow data related to various rivers and streams is usually available with:

ANSWER= [C] State Irrigation Department (SID)

The hydraulic mean depth (R) in a uniform flow is 64 m. By assuming Manning’s ‘n’ equal to 1, Chezy’s coefficient (assume as dimensionless quantity) is:

ANSWER= [D] 4.2

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Find the ratio of the strain energy stored in a cantilever to that of the propped cantilever due to a UDL of intensity w/m.

ANSWER= [B] 16

Which of the following functions can be performed by a total station?

ANSWER= [C] Measure both distances and angles

Which of the following is NOT the source of error in curve layout

ANSWER= [B] Using an incorrect offset at the vertex

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For a given constant discharge, slope and Manning’s ‘n’, the normal depth is computed as 1.5 m whereas critical depth is computed as 3 m. Now at a section, because of change in bed slope; the depth of flow at same section is 1 m then type of GVF profile possible at that section is:


The flexural tensile strength of M25 concrete is approximately:

ANSWER= [B] 3.5 MPa

A sample drawn from an aeration tank having 3000 MLSS undergoes a settling test carried out with 1 litre sample. The test yielded a settled volume of 300 ml. The sludge volume index will be:

ANSWER= [B] 100 ml/g

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A line tangent to a level surface at a point is:

ANSWER= [A] horizontal line

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