Various Defects in Concrete Along With Precautions

Describe The Various Defects in Concrete Along With Precautions That Should be Exercised to Prevent Them.

Various Defects in Concrete

The various defects in concrete along with precautions to prevent them are enumerated below:


It is a network of very small surface cracks spreading out on a large area of concrete.

This occurs due to finishing the concrete surface with bleed water at the top of concrete surface.

Finishing workforces the bleed water to go into the concrete which increases the water-cement ratio thereby creating a weak layer of concrete surface.

Thus bleeding of concrete should always be avoided.


It is the breaking loose of large chunks of concrete just like scaling.

It indicates weakness in the concrete at that location from where spelling is occurring.

Alternate thawing and wetting cycle increase spelling of concrete.


2ndary efflorescence 09

When the inner water of concrete comes to the surface, it gets evaporated leaving behind some white spots or patches.

This is because concrete contains some soluble salts and as water evaporates, the salts get deposited on the surface of concrete thereby creating spots or patches on the concrete surface.


Blister is caused due to finishing of the concrete surface while water and air still are on their way up through the mix to the concrete surface.


Thin flakes of concrete usually get peeled off from the surface. This occurs due to alternate freezing and thawing cycle.

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