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Every material must be tested before use in building construction or other civil engineering work. Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Road Congress

Test for Civil Engineering Construction Materials

Materials used in construction is cement, sand, aggregate, brick, reinforcement etc a complete list of material with unit weight here link

Every material must be tested before use in building construction or other civil engineering work

Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Road Congress or ACI provide a major guideline for each type of materials but there is no proper list that gives detail about the test is required with code provision

So IS CODE is realised but due to lack of knowledge about IS CODE realised so many engineers make a mistake because they don't know about that's the type of is code also available by the authority 

Here I make a details video for all type of test, the method which required for which material and with IS CODE number with page details also 

Watch the video and also share with your friends and help others to improve their knowledge 

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