What are the factors affecting the design of rigid pavement?

The structural design of rigid pavement is affected by lots of varies factors. from one or two-point not sufficient for carid out the design pavement
The structural design of rigid pavement is affected by lots of varies factors from one or two-point not sufficient to carry out the design of rigid pavement

So I prepared a full list which is taken into consideration in planning, designing, construction, the evolution of rigid pavement lets take eyes on it to update our knowledge

List of Factors affecting Design of Rigid Pavement

I try to cover all factors in one place if you want full details then inform me I'm happy to help everyone because it also helps me to improve my skill and knowledge
  1. Loading
    • Wheel load and its repetitions
    • Area of contact of the wheel
    • Location of load with respect to slab
  2. Properties of subgrade
    • Subgrade strength and properties
    • Sub-base provision or omission
  3. Properties of concrete
    • Strength
    • Modulus of Elasticity
    • Poisson's ratio
    • Shrinkage properties
    • Fatigue behaviour
  4. External conditions
    • Temperature changes
    • Friction between slab and subgrade
  5. Joints
    • Arrengement of jionts
  6. Reinforcement
    • Quantity of reinforcement
    • Continuous reinforcement
For the functional design of rigid pavement, as adopted by AASHTO, some additional factors like reliability, performance criteria etc

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