Collection of Useful Excel Sheet for Civil Engineer

Why Expert Civil Engineer Use Excel Sheet?

Excel is provided by Microsoft and is very powerful which is used largely in the estimation of materials or in the calculation of the quantity of materials and also creating the structure design of the building

Smart Civil engineers don’t waste their time repeatedly for estimation of materials or cost or in structure designing they by Buy Design Excel spreadsheet or flew of them who doesn't have work and have extra time then they take time and create an excel sheet as per their need and then by using those sheets they can save their 1 or 2 hours and complete their work in less than 1 minit so avoid hard working

Buy Design Excel Spreadsheet

Another benefit is to excel for civil engineering is that excel spreadsheets give an accurate result within a second if we do not use excel than there are chances of error in the result also the manual method is time-consuming and tedious

Civil engineering excel spreadsheets is the best alternative of the manual method but if have to give times once to create a perfect error less sheet or download from an only valuable source like Civil Experiences

In Civil Experiences is a civil engineering study blog where provide a valuable solution, in this blog lots of types of excel for civil engineering available for download and use

List of Types of Excel spreadsheets for an engineer

Here I provide only a base platform to go in the main article where you are able to download excel files free of cost

1. Concrete Mix Design Calculations for any grade of concrete

2. Footing Design by Excel

Combined footings are adopted in construction when two or more columns are close to each other so their foundations overlap

When two foundations overlap then overlap area transfers more load so that the design and construction process to complex

3. Slab Design by Excel

One Way Slab Reinforcement Details Design is most important because most of the slab of a residential building or industrial building is design as a one-way slab because it owns advantages

The most difficult and tedious design of building construction is Design Two way slab because of the various condition of the design step and also repeated and long step

But the solution is already in the below link

4. Bar Bending Schedule for Quantity Calculation

After downloading the excel file of bar bending schedule for Column Reinforcement as per Indian standard You just fill the box of column size and cover and no. of the diameter of bar and what you will get the Answer of Reinforcement bar required for column
  • Stirrups use in Beam
  • Tie Ring used in Column
Accuracy in cutting length of reinforcement is converted large profit in the civil engineering field

5. Materials Quantity Calculation

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