Concrete Mix Design as per IS CODE easy way by excel sheet

Concrete Mix Design play an extremely important role in the field of civil engineering because no building erected without Concrete Mix Design

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a mixed property of the various material like cement, fine aggregate ( sand ), coarse aggregate and water in some case also admixture 

What is Concrete mix design?

When we achieve a desired strength and durability for the concrete structure by using a mix design ratio of cement, fine aggregate ( sand ), coarse aggregate, water also other construction materials which are reinforcement, admixture and chemical. 
The proportion of materials by which we achieve ensures adequate strength and durability of reinforcement cement concrete structure is called as our Concrete mix design for that particular structure

Is code of concrete mix design?

The Bureau of Indian Standards give guidelines for concrete mix design steps and procedure in IS CODE 10262:2019 and also referred to IS CODE 456:2000

In IS code 10262:2019 all guidelines for concrete mix design with steps wise describe in details to gain target design strength for the desired structure

What is the correct mix for concrete?

The mix design of concrete which fulfil all criteria for structural design philosophy ( link ) point of strength, durability, deflection, economy, flexibility is known as the correct mix for concrete

Concrete Mix Design as per IS CODE
Concrete Mix Design as per IS CODE

Data required for Concrete Mix Design as per IS CODE

  1. Design stipulation
    • Characteristic Compressive strength
    • Maximum size of aggregate
    • Degree of workability
    • Degree of quality
    • Type of Exposure
  2. Test data for materials
    • Cement used
    • The specific gravity of Cement
    • Specific gravity 
    • Water absorption
      • Free Surface Moisture
      • Fine Aggregate confirming table 4, IS 383- Zone
    1. Target mean strength
    2. Selection of Water Cement ratio 
    3. Selection of water/sand content
    4. Determination of Cement content
    5. Determination of Fine & Coarse aggregate
    6. Actual quantities required for the mix per bag of cement
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