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One Way Slab Reinforcement Details Design

One Way Simply Supported Slab Reinforcement Details Design is most important because most of the slab of a residential building or industrial building is the design of one way slab because it owns advantages

Your query such as "slab reinforcement calculation excel", "bar bending schedule for one way slab", "bar bending schedule for slab excel" is slove in this article

One Way Slab Details Design by Excel

The calculation of One Way Slab Reinforcement Details Design is extremely tedious and time-consuming and after give more time is not 100% sure that design is best or not and also if some minor change comes in design if force to calculate full design step again and again

So I provide you with a platform by which you can calculate One Way Slab Reinforcement Details Design with 100% accuracy and in some second by using try and error method for best economical design with all safety (Video of all safety points)

In the excel sheet, I cover points like

  1. Effective Span
  2. Load Calculation
  3. B.M. Calculation
  4. Effective Depth for flexure
  5. Main steel
  6. Distribution Steel
  7. Check for cracking 
  8. Check for Deflection
  9. Check for development
  10. Check for shear

So you can easily design the best structural and economical design of One Way Slab Reinforcement Details Design

I recommended buying a Pro Civil Excel sheet that is not protected with a password so you can learn that how I design that sheet and which formula used in which condition but if you don't want to buy then download a free sheet and design a One-way slab according to your requirement

If You have any queries about this excel file or need any other help or information please don't hesitate to contact us 

FAQ 1: Which Factor Should be Cover During One Way Slab Design?

Effective Span Load Calculation B.M. Calculation Effective Depth for flexure Main steel Distribution Steel Check for cracking Check for Deflection Check for development Check for shear

FAQ 2: Use of Excel in Civil Engineeringis good or not?

Yes, Use of Excel in Civil Engineering is best but first make sure your excel sheet give perfect result

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