Concrete Mix Design Quantity Calculation Excel Sheet

Concrete Mix Design Quantity Calculator

Estimation is a very important part of any field... and sometimes estimation of little things is extremely tedious so here I provide a platform to avoid lengthy calculation and base for perfect estimation of calculating cement sand and aggregate quantity in concrete

For Estimation, I provide you to excel sheet by which you can

Easily calculate the quantity of cement, sand (fine aggregate), coarse aggregate in all unit like cubic meter, cubic feet and also Kg

I'm very happy to share my expertise with my friends who believe in me and come to this blog

Use free Version Online and then Buy Pro Excel Sheet without a password so you can learn how Civil Experience create excel sheet

Calculate the quantity of CEMENT, SAND & AGGREGATE 

Buy a fully accessible file at the Discount price without any restriction to change or any hidden formula if you want to learn how to create by your own way and add your Company Information

I recommended buying a pro Civil Excel sheet that is not protected with a password so you can learn that how I design that sheet and which formula used in which condition but if you don't want to buy then download free sheet and estimate quantity according to your requirement
Download Now

If you want the theory part of quantity calculation to learn How to manually calculate the quantity of calculating the quantity of CEMENT, SAND & AGGREGATE then tell me in the comment and also if you want more excel sheet like this for estimation and design them comment or contact us by 

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      If you want to learn or show formulas then Please go to buy option


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