Bar Bending Schedule for Column Reinforcement by Excel sheet

Estimation is a important part of project because allover work depends on the cost After downloading the excel You fill the box of excel you will get the design

Bar Bending Schedule for Column 

Estimation means Bar Bending Schedule is the most important part of the project because allover work depends on the estimation cost of construction

Calculation of Reinforcement for the column is part of building estimation and construction 

We all know that calculation by the calculator is extremely tedious and time consuming So here I provide an excel sheet for Civil Engineering so you can easily and automatically find out the Steel reinforcement required for the column by BBS for a column which you get here

bar bending schedule format Indian standard

After downloading the excel file of bar bending schedule format Indian standard You just fill the box of column size and cover and no. of the diameter of bar and what you will get the Answer of Reinforcement bar required for column

Just see the Tutorial of how to use bar bending schedule format Indian standard excel file from Below for calculation of cutting length of steel bar for column

I recommended buying a pro Civil Excel sheet that is not protected with a password so you can learn that how I design that sheet and which formula used in which condition but if you don't want to buy then download free sheet and design two way slab according to your requirement

Don’t forget to watch the video for detail information

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