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How to Control Cracks in Structure

Steps for CRACK control, control assumes that cracks Will be within the allowable limits, by detailing of steel in the structure according to the rules laid down in codes of practice. The important factors which are to be considered as following

List of Point should be kept in mind to avoid CRACKING of concrete

  1. Maintain Maximum and minimum spacing of reinforcements (bar spacing rules)
  2. Must check Maximum and minimum areas of steel in the member
  3. Curtailment of reinforcement bars
  4. Anchorage of reinforcement bars provided is sufficient or not
  5. Lapping of steel is According to IS code or not 
  6. The stress level in steel
  7. Conformity with the general layout of steel reinforcement in the given structure according to accepted practice
  8. Cover to reinforcement
  9. Maximum and minimum sizes of steel to be used for the various types of steel in the member

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