10 Things You May Not Know About Engineering

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Engineering is a superb field that has contributed greatly to the advancement of mankind. The following are things you need to know to fully understand just how important engineers are:

    10 Things You May Not Know About Engineering

    10 Things You May Not Know About Engineering | Civil Engineering Facts

    #1: Engineers will always play an important role in society

    Engineers will always be relevant because they always make it possible for everyone to live better. They have been providing the world with tools and instruments that make daily activities more efficient, smooth, productive, and meaningful. Engineers have given massive contributions to all sectors and fields of society. There is not one person on the planet who has not enjoyed the contribution of engineers. Without engineers, we won’t have the electricity, light, clean water, and internet that we are all enjoying. The engineering industry has made life on Earth so much better. And the field has no intention whatsoever to stop.

    #2: There are four popular engineering disciplines

    Engineering has many sub-disciplines. Its most popular disciplines are civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, and mechanical engineering. 

    Civil engineers deal with the construction, design, and maintenance of physical and natural structures like dams, railways, bridges, and buildings. Chemical engineers deal with the design and operation of chemical plants with a focus on production and workflow optimization. Electrical engineers deal with the design, study, and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics in different devices. Aerospace engineering deals with the creation, design, development, and construction of spacecraft and aircraft. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and it deals with the management of mechanical systems through the applications of principles in physics, mathematics, and materials science.

    #3: Life without engineers is unimaginable

    Where would we be without the important contributions of engineers in society? It’s impossible to imagine a life when there are no pollution control units, speedy transportation platforms, and life-saving medical equipment. Engineers make everything in the world function at its optimized best.

    #4: Trends in the major contributions of engineers

    The very first engineers were focused on designing tools and instruments for defence. They were all about designing and constructing swords, weapons, and forts for kings of old. This field of engineering is still very much active and Bendtech Defence is at its forefront. Bendtech Defence provides superb weaponry and military tools that are solid, powerful, and sustainable.

    The next generation of engineers focused on building roads, dams, bridges, lights, and engines. Today’s engineers are now focused on creating technologies that help keep the environment safe, clean, and sustainable.

    #5: Engineers are problem solvers

    There is no problem that an engineer can’t fix. You just simply have to give them your concern and they’d be set and ready to find a solution. This is possible because they’re familiar with multiple aspects of design, construction, and logic, mathematics, and physics. To engineers, multiple solutions always exist. They can predict results and have accurate tools to evaluate success.

    #6: Engineers always offer technological breakthroughs.

    Engineers are always the ones who come up with technological breakthroughs and advancements. They always go to the next level and find more ways to make everything easier for everyone. Engineering breakthroughs in software and computers happen every single day. Engineers create computer-aided designs that create seamless 2D drawings and 3D models. Design models can now be easily built and analyzed in a snap.

    #7: Engineers work hand in hand with the medical industry

    Much of today’s medical advancements were created and designed by engineers who work hand in hand with medical experts. Engineers have now successfully created fully functional artificial organs and artificial devices that can replace body parts. Without the collaboration between the medical and engineering field, we wouldn’t be enjoying the following:

    • Advanced machines for medical diagnosis
    • Tools for efficient support for medical technology
    • Machines used for training clinicians
    • Ultrasound machines

    #8: Nikola Tesla is considered the greatest engineer in the world

    Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American engineer who changed the world. He was a futurist and contributed so much in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. He contributed greatly to the design of today’s alternating current electricity supply system. He also discovered the rotating magnetic field that is now modernly utilized for electric generators, induction motors, and induction regulators. The following are his most remarkable contributions as an engineer:

    1. The Tesla Coil
    2. The Tesla Turbine
    3. The Neon Lamp
    4. The Radio
    5. The Induction Motor
    6. The Alternating Current
    7. The Magnifying Transmitter
    8. The Shadowgraph
    9. The Niagara Falls Transformer House
    10. The Radio Controlled Boat

    #9: An engineer invented the television

    It was John Baird, a Scottish engineer, who invented the television. This was in 1927 and he presented his invention to 50 scientists in London. It was then that television changed the world and provided a better medium for communication that is instant and wide-reaching.

    #10: AI Engineering is a promising branch of engineering that is set to bring mankind to the next frontier

    10 Things You May Not Know About Engineering | Civil Engineering Facts

    The field of engineering that is ever active and prime for breakthroughs after breakthroughs is AI engineering. AI engineering is getting bigger by the day as more and more industries and institutions are seeing the massive benefits of optimized artificial intelligence and machine learning. This field is so advanced and aggressively growing. It has now created robot doctors that can do successful operations and specialized robots that can navigate the ocean without using massive energy.

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