Best Top Construction Equipment List | Construction Equipment With Names

Best Top Construction Equipment List | Construction Equipment With Names - Construction Equipment which high used and preferred by expert engineers

This article of civil experience provides detailed information regarding Construction Equipment which high used and preferred by expert civil engineers and contractors. so read this Best Top Construction Equipment List | Construction Equipment With Names article and share it with friends so that they also learn civil engineering online.

Top Construction Equipment List

Why do we Create The Best Construction Equipment List With Names?

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Construction Equipment for Material Handling Equipments


Standard Dimensions of a Standard Measuring Box is 12inch x 12inch x 15inch.

Standard Dimensions of a Standard Measuring Box size in the feet is length is 1', width is 1' and height is 1'3" or 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm.

Volume Measuring Box Standard size is 1.25 CFT (cubic feet) OR 43.75 LITERS.

Measuring Box is used to measure various materials on sites. It is heavy duty and gives longer life.

Rail Trolley System

Trolley travel on the rails to transport concrete and other construction material from one place to another.

Rail Trolley Features

Rail manufactured from C – Class, ISI Marked pipe

Light Weight Nylon Wheels are resistant to impact, corrosion, abrasion and the effect of many chemicals.

Mini Crane

Mini Crane Construction Equipment is used to lift concrete, cement, sand, bricks, tiles, steel rods and other building materials. It is widely used in high rise buildings, waterproofing, quarries, building foundations, chemical factories, dams, bridges and well works.

Mini Crane Features

  • Lifting Capacity of 150 kg, 300 kg, 500 Kg and 1 Ton
  • Simple Winch Hoist Mechanism
  • No foundation is required
  • Self Balanced with Smart Counter Weight System
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Simple Operation
  • Manufactured in Detachable Parts For Portability
  • Installed Quickly
  • Affordable Low Prices

Mini Crane Manufactured with Following Safety Features

  1. Auto Mechanical brakes on power and/or drive failure
  2. Smart Counter Weight System
  3. Usha Martin Wire Rope
  4. Tested Bucket Chain
  5. Boom Rotation Locking System
  6. Lifting Capacity tested with full load before dispatch

In this Mini Crane construction Equipment various sizes and capacity available in the construction market.

Wheel Barrow

Wheel barrows Equipment for civil engineering works are used for material handling on sites. They are manufactured from Non Scrap Metal and Brand New Tyres with a hub and bearing system, having pressed steel plate rims.

Type of Shallow wheel barrows are used to transport raw material like sand, gravel, bricks, etc.

Type of Deep wheel barrows are used to move concrete on site.

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