Combined Footing Design in Safe Excel Design Spreadsheet

we create this Combined footing design spreadsheet is according to IS 456:2000 by our civil experiences of structure design and site experiences

Combined footings are adopted in construction when two or more columns are close to each other so their foundations overlap.

When two foundations overlap then overlap area transfer more load so that the design and construction process to complex


The footing is the lowest part of the structure which transfer a load of superstructure to the soil without failure of any kind of design or building

Combined footing

When the footing is subjected to transfer a load of building structure by two or more columns by same or common foundation then this type of footing foundation called as Combined footing

Why Combined footing adopted?

To create a uniform bearing pressure and eliminate uneven settlement of building column which foundation overlap 

Combined  footings become necessary under the following circumstances

  1. When the bearing capacity of the soil is poor so footing required more area of soil under footing then is obtain by combine footing 
  2. When the exterior column or outer column is close to the property line so that symmetrical isolated footing cannot be provided in this type of case we adopted combine footing
  3. When soil bearing capacity is poor
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Area of footing = Total Load / Allowable Bearing Capacity of soil

Combined Footing Excel design spreadsheet

we create this Combined footing design spreadsheet is according to IS 456:2000  || Excel sheet of design combine footing in safe by using IS code 456 2000 by our civil experiences of structure design and site experiences 

By using this combine footing design excel sheet time save and improve the safe side of design also considering the economical point of view 

Create the best design for building by trial and error within a minit 

Combined Footing Excel design spreadsheet
Combined Footing Excel design spreadsheet

Civil Experiences cover this point in the Combined footing design spreadsheet is according to IS 456 
  • Development length
  • Beam Design
  • Check the depth for Two-Way shear
I recommended buying a pro Civil Excel sheet that is not protected with a password so you can learn that how I design that sheet and which formula used in which condition but if you don't want to buy then download free sheet and design two way slab according to your requirement

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Bar Bending Schedule For Trapezoidal Footing
isolated footing design EXCEL sheet

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