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Final Year Project is a very important subject which has high weighted and makes a powerful effect on the final result so in making a project report or Project Fair Presentation need perfection to make an impression to achieve optimum marks to improve the result by making good BE/ GTU Final Year Projects

Final Year Projects

Composite Materials Bituminous and Concrete Paver Block

I already post a full detailed article about the final year project report format of BE/ GTU pmms But on Student demand I published Final Year Projects Tips and trick

Civil Engineering Offer

Topper Student come here to improve their report and medium Student come here to complete their final year project report so 



Selection To Project Topic

First of all, When you are discoursing about project ideas, make one thing sure in mind that you have the same basic knowledge about the topic. 

Because according to my point of view almost final year project topic rejected due to lack of knowledge and faculty think that student doesn’t know about that and talk randomly as come in mind

Focus and concentrate on other’s Students pmms topic ideas and presentation as a backup ( plan B ) if your first idea of the project gets rejected then you can quickly go to another topic and play with the faculty mind they think student comes with full of preparation and your impression goes to seven cloud

Well known fact that many weck students decide to hand over their project making part to professionals because they don’t have knowledge of the topic or lack idea and confidence


If you read this article still means that now you are able to make your project report by own way Because I write so many posts in this blogs I recommended to read all one which about Design engineering, Project report, Paper published, Structure design with and without Civil engineering excel sheet download


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I provide the link of the already published article to avoid plagiarism and also to save time to provide more useful content
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GTU final year project report format ( LINK )
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