Which of the following is not a NDT test.

Which of the following is not a NDT test.

Explain:- Correct answer for question Which of the following is not a NDT test. is (D) CAPO-test
  • There are two different types of testing welded joints:
  1. Destructive test: Welded sample coupons are tested and the part after the testing cannot be used.
    • Tensile testing
    • Hardness test
    • Bend test
    • Impact test
    • Nick break test
    • Acid etch test
  2. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting components for discontinuities or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system.
    • Hydrostatic Test
    • Magnetic Particle Test
    • X-Ray Testing
    • Gamma Ray Testing
    • Fluorescent Penetrant Test
    • Hardness Tests
    • Magnaflux Tests
    • Electromagnetic Tests (Eddy current testing)
    • Acoustic Emission Testing
    • Ferrite Testing
    • Visual Weld Testing

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