According to The Indian Standard Classification, Soil is Classified

According to the Indian Standard Classification, the soil is classified into...

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ANSWER= [C] 18 Groups
Correct answer for question According to the Indian Standard Classification, the soil is classified into... is [C] 18 Groups

Explanation for According to The Indian Standard Classification

The Indian Standard soil Classification system (ISCS), first developed in 1959, was revised in 1970. 

This revised version is essentially based on USCS with the modification that the five grained soils have been subdivided into three Groups (Low, Medium and High Plasticity) as against only two groups (low and high) in the USCS. 

The ISCS classifies the soil into 18 groups as against 15 groups of USCS. 

In all there are 18 groups of soils: 

  • 8 groups of course grained, 
  • 9 groups of fine grained and
  • 1 group of peat. 

Example is 

Well graded gravels, poorly graded gravels, silty gravel, clayey gravels, SW, SP, SM and SC AND Inorganic silts, Peat and other highly organic soils.

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