Top 9 Advantage of using concrete in construction?

Concrete has a lots of advantages and no any perfect alternative. Advantage like high strength, moulding ability, eco friendly, economical, precast...

Advantage of using concrete

High compressive strength achieved by adopting mix design as per requirements varies from 5 MPa to 80 MPa

Concrete also have some tensile strength like 10% of compressive strength 

Any desired shapecan be achieved by using concret due to moulding ability 

Material used in making concrete is easily availablenaturally like sand,gravel, silt etc

Concrete is Eco friendlybecause Plastic west or fly ash use in making concrete (you study project for this in this blog)

Concrete has a high ability of fire resistancecompared to steel or timber (refer article about concrete cover)

In any condition concrete able to place and construct with some admixtures

Precastelementals also offer by using concrete in large scale without compromising strength and durability but neet technically knowledge

Costis low compared to steel or timber so it’s very friendly to use

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