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Use of Geo Grids

What is the use of Geo Grids
Use of Geo Grids

Geo-grids are high strength plastic grids which are mediate layer either at the bottom of a layer or in a layer itself to improve the strength

A polyethylene or polypropylene are The material which used in Geo-grids

When used Geo-grids at the bottom of a granular layer and above a sub-grade then the grid increases the load-bearing capacity of soil sub base 

The grid supports the overlying granular layers at the points of contact. 

The soil is prevented by The mechanical interlock of the aggregates is held intact and the sinking of the aggregates

The grid has a high tensile strength through Which the grid is able to increase the load-bearing capacity

Geo-grids can also be used as reinforcing layers in bituminous layers. This results in increasing the strength of the layer and thus bringing about the economy. Geo-grids are now being manufactured in India also

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