Measures to Prevent Extra Cost in Concrete Construction

To avoid the extra cost in concrete construction never compromise with quantity because you have to live in that building or work & house buy once

How to avoid the extra cost in capital construction

To avoid the extra cost in concrete construction to Stop wasting money in concrete construction never compromise with quantity because you have to live in that building or work in that And also building create once in 30-50 years normally not Frequently

Here I provide some tips to avoid extra cost during making a home?

Tip 1

Contact with an experienced expert civil engineer or architect find general contractors near me because building construction should flow with stepwise step

if you don't hire a general contractor or quantity surveyor and forget some step-like ( Example 1 ) construction of the septic tank and construct foundation then you have to destroy/collapse foundation and start with step to construction of septic tank then you have to again construct the foundation 

So estimation goes double for the foundation with extra cost to collapse of the foundation And the cost goes high

Example 2: you applied plaster to the wall without plumbing pipes or electrical line then you have to place plumbing pipes and electrical line by destroying plaster and reapplied

Tip 2

You have a large area for building construction but make a Decision with your expert architect or general contractor and create a building plan related to your needs

Because plan of building give a estimation needed for construction site

Tip 3

Hired an experience civil engineer team because sometimes you compromised with engineer, contractor, surveyor or labour with unskilled 

after that, you realise or found some mistake in construction process or  make mistakes so you have to destroy that portion of the building and reconstruct

So your estimation gove high

Tip 4

Never take advice from anyone of out of field always take advice from civil experience team who has years of experience in concrete construction of building construction

I mean take advice from people who are related to civil engineering with minimum 3-5 or higher experience

Tip 5

Construct whole building in one flow 

Never be part of construction like first you make foundation and after 4-7 months you start other activities and after 2-4 months another activity

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