Characteristics OF Highway Pavement

A highway pavement is designed at that way to carry the wheel loads imposed on highway pavement from vehicle or traffic moving over the pavement

Characteristics OF Highway Pavement

For effective working of highway pavement with the above function, the pavement should have many desirable characteristics. Which are listed below:

  1. Highway pavement is must be strong enough of withstanding the stresses that comes on the pavement by the vehicle pass over it
  2. The thickness of highway pavement should remain under the design criteria so that it has transferred the wheel loads and also stresses within the desirable limit to the subgrade soil layer without damaging the layer
  3. The surface should be impermeable so that water does not get into the lower layers and subgrades of the pavement and cause deterioration
  4. For the safeguard of highway pavement from the abrading action of the wheel, highway surface should have a hard-wearing surface capacity
  5. The uppermost surface of highway pavement should have an ability of low friction as possible so that the energy consumption of the vehicle decrease and no compromising with the texture as well as roughness because if the roughness is not enough then there are high chances of skidding od vehicle
  6. For the safety of the user, we must eliminate the accident by improving the visibility so that pavement must be dustproof like by using proper use of superelevation
  7. Its riding experiences should be good enough for the driver. It should be smooth enough to provide comfort to the road users at the high design speeds at which modern vehicles are driven
  8. Pavement should have loge design life with low maintaining cost
  9. Moving vehicles should not create excessive noise levels on the surface
A good pavement should have the ability which is discussed above

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