Factors considered for Site Selection | Civil Experiences

Site investigation for construction is a first and major important factors | Factors influencing Suitable Site selection for any type of building

Site selection involves factors by which the needs of the new project fulfil the optimum potential of the site of construction location

 Site selection involute the location functionality for all business, government and resident etc

What is site selection
Factors considered for Site Selection

What is site selection?

Site investigation is a process of pre-bid of the site by the construction contractor which come in the contract documents 

The importance of the site investigation varies from the site of one type to another type of site project also with its location

Why Site Selection is Important?

As a world expands day by day the new area also comes underuse and civil engineers develop that new and unfamiliar areas for the particular use but as an area new and unfamiliar areas so that site investigation must be checked for suitability condition available or not before starting any kind of work related to that particular site

If we don't care about site selection, there are lots of chances to be frauds or site not clear by the local authority, misappropriation, Labour torture, price hiking etc which we learn in details below

Factors influencing site selection

Selection of a Suitable Site is a wider section of site investigation and verity of factors for site selection of site investigation so I listed major steps in site selection which generally use by civil experienced engineers

List the various factors that must be considered for site selection analysis

  • Site access

Site is easily accessible or not is very important role site investigation

Like: if you build a house to live then site locations must be chosen inside of street to live peacefully and disturbance of traffic is eliminated so not to worry about children who play in the street

On another hand
If you build for business or industry then road face location and outermost locations selection is valuable because in that location Customer-friendly and goods transportation easily possible

  • Availability of utilities

Availability of utilities is the Second most important part in site investigation because all most all site is non-useful without utilities like water, electricity, telephones etc

  • Site drainage

Site drainage needed to remain the site of locations of building or industry clean and healthy 

Here is no more detail required because you all already aware of it

  • Transportation facilities

Transportation facilities increased the usability location of the building site of site investigation or residential building or any type

No matter site of location is for residential or industrial all site must required transportation facilities near to the location of the building

  • Any required protection of adjacent property

Now not only our site of the property affects valuations and usability but near by site of the property also affected so site investigation play a major role So before selecting the site must check the adjacent property

  • A rough layout of the site locating

The proposed storage trailer and equipment locations

  • Subsurface soil conditions

After checking all visual possibility now checking underground conditions of the site of locations building

Which suitable for foundations for a desire construction project or not

  • Local ordinances and regulations, and note any special requirements

To check out about the permission special permission (permits, licenses, barricades, fences) required by local authorities

  • The local labour situation and local union rules

Availability of labour for construction site with the required skill and unskill labour, site engineering is easily available or not

Also, any local labour union rules are affiliated on-site locations area or not

  • Availability of construction equipment rentals, the type and conditions of what is available as well as the cost
Availability of construction equipment on rental base is possible with average rent checks during site investigation

If a site price is low but what if equipment rent is too high so must check all possibilities

  • Prices and delivery information from local material suppliers

Same as availability of construction equipment (request proposals for the project)

  • The availability of local subcontractors

note contractor names, addresses, and what type of work they usually handle and what kind of experience they have and have special skills in which type of construction

  • The conditions of the roads leading to the project, low bridges, and load limits on roads or bridges
  • Housing and feeding facilities if workers must be imported
  • Banking facilities

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