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Curing of concrete defined as the process of maintaining required moisture, tem. and time for freshly placed Concrete to gain hardening of concrete

Curing of concrete

Curing of concrete meaning as the process of maintaining required moisture, temperature and time for freshly placed plane green concrete to gain proper hardening of concrete

Curing is the most important key point in the early stage. Curing plays a very important role in strength development and durability for final concrete structure building

Normally curing process of concrete take 14 days is very important better to continue curing for 7 to 14 days more depending on the specific application

If curing is not properly done then may create serious issues like the strength of concrete reduces, crack develop due to shrinkage and also durability of concrete structure building reduces

Methods of Curing of Concrete

The following curing of concrete methods are employed by the concrete contractors for their site of construction

1. Spraying of water
2. Covering the surface with wet guuuy bags, straw etc
3. Ponding
4. Stream curing 
5. Application of curing compounds

1. Spraying of water

Spraying of water method generally used for walls, columns, Surface plaster

2. Wet covering the surface

A vertical component like columns may be cured covering the surface with wet gunny bags or straw

3. Ponding

The horizontal surface like slab and floor are cured by stagnating the water to a height of 25 to 50 mm by providing temporary small hands with mortar

4. Steam curing

In the manufacture of prefabricated concrete units, steam is passed over the units kept in closed chambers, it accelerates the curing process, resulting in the reduction of the curing period

5. Application of curing compounds

Compounds like calcium chloride may be applied on the curing surface. The compound shows affinity to the moisture and retains it on the surface. It keeps the concrete surface wet for a long time

This is an only a short article on curing of concrete because civil engineering field a have wider range to done work by different kind of ideas and ivoluation 

Why Curing of Concrete is Necessary?

why curing of concrete is important is wider topics but some of important describe below as an advantage of curing concrete

1. To achieve the desired strength of concrete by improving hydration
2. To reduce cracks by enhancing durability
3. To improve the serviceability of concrete

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