What happen if no proper cover thickness provided in concrete?

If there is no proper CONCRETE Cover thickness provided in Concrete then Chance of Failure of Structure Corrosion Failure Fire Failure Water Failure

Why Concrete Cover need?

  • Concrete Cover Cover or Clear cover or Nominal cover ) for reinforcement is must be required to Protect the Reinforcement rebar bar against corrosion and also to protect against fire
Generally, as we all know that Concrete clear cover blocks are provided as the protection of reinforcement Raber from various impacts which is moisture, heat, chemicals, etc

if there is no proper concrete cover thickness provided in concrete then there is a high chance of failure of structure in many ways like

  1. Corrosion failure
  2. Fire failure 
  3. water failure
( Note: Normally this kind of failure is not sudden failure but by ignoring this point you keep your or people life in danger )

Corrosion failure

If there is on proper concrete cover thickness provided in concrete then reinforcement bar directly contact with air or moisture in the air and the strength of reinforcement Reber bar in decrease and chance of failure of the structure 

Fire failure

The ability of the concrete cover to absorb temperature (high fire temperature in case of building fire) 
If there is on proper concrete cover thickness provided in concrete then the reinforcement bar in-no-time / Sudden / fast absorb the hit and reach the melting point 

Once reinforcement reached the melting point then structure sudden fail due to the failure of reinforcement because the concrete and reinforcement combination bond is required for the durability of the structure

absorb temperature = Concrete cover thickness

Water failure

If the water pressure is high then normally concrete cover required more 

If there is on proper concrete cover thickness provided in concrete which required to stand with water pressure than the high chance of failure or also leakage of water 

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