purpose of specification || Necessity of specification

Purpose of Specification

  1. To describe the quality of different material required for construction project work 
  2. It enables the department, engineer, architect and constructor to define, procure and check the material’s quality as per specifications 
  3. To specify the quality of workmanship and method of doing the same 
  4. Specifications are required to clarify the drawing
  5. Specifications are helpful to the contractor in filling the rate of various items in the tender 
  6. Specifications of work serve as a guide to their satisfaction 
  7. Specifications are necessary to verify and check the strength of materials for a work 
  8. Specifications are an essential contract document and are required fir arbitration and court fees
  9. Specifications are necessary to specify the equipment, tools and plant to be engaged for work and thus enable to procure then beforehand
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