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Why approximate estimate carried out?

What is an approximate estimate?

Before undertaking the construction project it is necessary to know its probable cost required to complete the project work

Thus an estimation for any type of construction work may be defined as the process of calculating the quantities and cost of the various items required in construction with the work

An estimate is prepared by calculating the quantities from the dimension on the drawing for the various item required to complete the project and multiplied by the unit cost of the item concerned 

An estimate of a project is, therefore, a forecast of its probable cost

Why approximate estimate need?

Approximate estimating is prepared for the forecast of the (near about) cost of a project which constructs before the building has been designed in detail and necessary contract document prepared

Before a detailed estimate of any construction proposed work is to be taken up, it is necessary to prepare its approximate estimate

An approximate estimate gives the approximate cost of the work and is prepared on the basis of the cost of the similar works carried out in the past

  • The approximate estimate provides a rough idea about the cost of the construction project from which enables the authority to check the feasibility of the projects considering the funds available for the project. 
  • Approximate estimate does not require any kind detail description, design or drawing and hence saves time and money
  • If some alternate of the same type of work Available then take the rough idea of project economy from that comparison 
  • An approximate estimate is required to get the administrative approval in sort time without lots of work and time and after that conducting detailed investigation, design and estimation to avoid implementation of work
  • Approximate estimate for building construction or project is required for insurances and tax schedules

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