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I Briefly explain about what is doubly reinforced beam, when the doubly reinforced beam is provided (adopted) and Necessity of Doubly Reinforced Section


The beam can be defined as a structural element that transfers structural load and resists bending. Its mode of deflection is primarily by bending.

Concrete Beam

If Concrete play a role in making beam then it's called as a Concrete beam

Reinforced Concrete beam

If Concrete and reinforcement play a role in making beam then it's called as a Reinforced Concrete beam or RCC beam

By Using of reinforcement position Reinforced Beam are further divided into two type

  1. Singly Reinforced Beam
  2. Doubly Reinforced Beam

What is doubly reinforced beam?

When steel reinforcements provided in both of beam section tension zone and also in compression zone that type of beam called as a doubly reinforced beam / RCC beam

Doubly Reinforced Section
Doubly Reinforced Section

What is the necessity of doubly R.C. Beam?

When the applied moment on the beam is more than the moment of resistance ( M.R.) of the beam then the structural designer has the following kind of option
  • To increase the depth of the beam
  • To use a higher grade of concrete, to improve M.R.
  • To provide reinforcements in the compression zone of the beam, to increase M.R.


When the applied moment on the beam element is more than the M.R. (moment of resistance) Of singly R.C. Beam the M.R. Of beam is increased by providing reinforcements in the compression zone. This type of beam is called doubly R.C. Beam

Doubly R.C. Beam is necessary in the following situation:-
  1. when it is not possible or dimensions (breadth x depth) of the beam are restricted to increase the depth of beam due to architectural purpose
  2. To get more headway in the rooms
  3. When the beam is subjected to reversal of stresses
  4. When subjected to an external load may cause tension on both faces of the member
  5. When subjected to sudden load like in case of earthquakes
  6. For pre-cast beams
  7. When subjected to eccentric loading

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