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Sequence of Work in Building Construction 1.Paper Work 2.Site Clearing 3.Earthwork 4.Foundations (Pile/ Well foundations) 5.Concrete works...

 list of construction activities

Sequence of Work in Building Construction

  1. Paper Work 
  2. Site Clearing
  3. Earthwork
  4. Foundations (Pile/ Well foundations)
  5. Concrete works
  6. Brickwork
  7. Stonemasonry
  8. Formwork
  9. Woodwork and joinery
  10. Steelwork and ironwork
  11. Hardware
  12. Glazing 
  13. Paving, floor finishes, dado and skirting
  14. Roof covering
  15. Ceiling and lining
  16. Plastering and pointing
  17. Whitewashing, colour washing, distempering and other finishes
  18. Painting, polishing, varnishing, Demolition and dismantling
  19. Water supply, plumbing and drains
  20. Water and sewage lines
  21. Road work including airfield pavement

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