Best Top 8 Tips for Viva Success - Civil Experiences

Believe in your self Don’t lose hope, happen with everyone it also will happen to us you are smarter than others, see the video of experts
After reading this article you have more confidence so indirectly your rate of passing viva is goes high

Believe in your self
Don’t lose hope, belief in your self

All is well,
happen with everyone it also will happen to us

And you are smarter than others so definitely better happen with you than other 

Before or viva

Before viva day I suggest you to see the video of experts on the internet 

Because you learn and read syllabus book whole year or semester so you read only that question which you know better but not minor important questions

So my personal opinion is to go with internet e-learning 

Think about the potential questions

Make a list of high potential questions and prepared a minimum of 2 or 3 questions or Topic perfectly 

Because if examiners randomly said that what you learned don’t said everything
I repeat don’t said everything 

If you learn all syllabus then said chapter name one by one ( perfect learn chapter first ) and slowly so that examiner stop you and ask questions

Discussion with Friend

Before viva start the do discussion with your friends so that the revision rate goes high instead of reading textbooks

And everyone makes different important questions list so that you prepare it fast by a key point which make by friends 

Talk to people who have passed their viva

Mostly all examiners ask the same repeated questions so as soon as know which type of questions asked by the examiner

Take your eyes on those questions because there is a high rate to ask the same question to you by examiner

Your looks

full uniform if any ( optional )
It created a positive view on examiner mind, seat straight and use signs for answering questions by moving your hand

Be presentable

During viva be mentally prepared

Listen to questions carefully and then answer

if you do not listen clearly then ask again but not answering of wrong question which not ask actually

If you give right answers to wrong questions it creates a bad image on examiner mind that you don’t know the answer so you give the answer of another question

So be presentable is important point

Be positive not overly 

Many times examiner checks your confidence by asking like are you sure that your answer is right?
So you have to be a positive vision with confidence

But I repeat not overconfidence if you show over conditions than you make your examiner angry

And always keep in mind that examiner is a professional of their field and you are learner so they have more knowledge than you

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