Project Fair Presentation || Banner Presentation of GTU Final year project

Project Fair Banner Presentation of GTU Final year Project

In a GTU ( Gujarat technical university ), 

Every final year project is a very important subject and also has a high credit this subject project student should make

  • PPT for presentation (later I update link because first, I upload important document)
  • Model ( if your topic need )

  • Download Full File form Bottom

    How to make Banner for Presentation

    Header of Banner
    In Header of banner must add this INFORMATION which listed below

    • Title of project
    • Team ID
    • GTU logo
    • Collage logo
    • Name of group member
    • Guild name

    Rest Portion of Banner

    [1] Abstract
    [2] Aim 
    [3] Objective
    [4] Methodology
    [5] Scope of Work 
    [6] Data Analysis & Result 
    [7] Conclusion
    [8] Sample Photographs
    [9] Sample References

    [1] Abstract 

    Sort detail about project not long, Only importtant contant detail add in abstract which Describe your full project 

    [2] Aim

    Add your goal of project in sort 
    GTU Final year project

    [3] Objective

    Add your project objective which is play a key role in project for complation with accurate data 
    GTU Final year project

    [4] Methodology

    GTU Final year project

    [5] Scope of Work 

    GTU Final year project
    Scope of work

    [6] Data Analysis & Result

    GTU Final year project
    Data Analysis & Result

    [7] Conclusion

    GTU Final year project

    [8] Sample Photographs

    GTU Final year project
    Sample Photographs

    [9] Sample References

    GTU Final year project
    Sample References
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