What is lapping length in reinforcement bar

Lapping length in reinforcement bar is also describe as a over lapping length of bar so they acts as a single bar. Because length...

lapping length in reinforcement bar

Lapping length in the reinforcement bar is also described as an overlapping length of the bar so they act as a single bar

The length of reinforcement is restricted like (12 meter or 40 feet) and height or length of the building is more so there is an option like

Because if we make a more than this length, then we have to face some trouble given below
  • Transportation is difficult
  • To work with heavy steel is impossible for labour
  • May be possible to change in design position of Reber is defer form correct position

What is the solution of sort length reinforcement bar?

1) Lapping of bar

2) Welding of bar

3) Mechanical Joint 

So for joining two bars to perform as a single bar IS CODE give some recommendation for lapping length required to give the best bond and act line single unit.

Normally lapping length of the bar is 50D or 54D ( D=diameter of the bar)

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