What is Haunch Bar? Why provided?

1) If it is used in bottom of tank and other load bearing structure from side, then it will provide extra strength or to retain shear form on wall, because

Haunch Bar

Haunch Bar
Haunch Bar

Use of Haunch Bar?

Haunch bar purpose is wider section but I can try to simple for you in sort description 

1. If a Haunch Bar is used in the bottom of the tank and other load-bearing structures from the side, then it will provide extra strength or retain shear form on the wall because the wall will work like a cantilever

2. If Haunch Bar is used in Corner of the tank and other structure i.e. retaining wall then it's will reduce the stress developed in the Corner portion and will carry more shear force

Haunch Bar's the type of design that provided major bridges to resist the water pressure and share resistance this type of bar called Hunching bar

In sort
  • Improve Shear resistance
  • Avoid leakage
  • Improve load caring capacity of side 
  • Decrease pressure

Application of Haunch bar in real life

Haunch Bar
Haunch Bar

Application of Haunch bar

  • Haunch bars in water tanks
  • Retaining wall
  • Box culverts
  • Swimming pool
  • retaining structure elements in the dam

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