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Types of Support in civil engineering 

Normally Types of support which use in construction is...

List of Support 

1) Simply support
2) Fix support
3) Pin or Hinged support
4) Rolled support

    Simply Support

    Simply Support is that type of support on which member-only rest without any bonding
    That type of support only resists vertical force not horizontal and moment force...

    for example:- 
    brick resting on two brick

    Application in real life construction

    Bridge construction is the best application on simply support 

    Fix Support

    Fix Support is also knows as a rigid support
    That type of support carried horizontal, vertical and also moment force...

    In structural analysis has three unknowns

    Application in real life construction

    for example:-
    beam and column in RCC work

    Pin or Hinged support

    That type of support carried horizontal and vertical force but not moment force...

    Application in real life construction

    for example:-
    Door and windows connection with wall or frame 

    Rolled support

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