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Important point keep in mind for providing Splicing of bar For construction

It is a type of joint in which two bars are wind up so that the force is transfer from one bar to another bar safely.

Before reading this article must-read " What is lapping length in reinforcement bar" for Definition and type of joint 

  • Normally Splicing of Reinforcement Bars provided for bar diameter which is less than 36 mm and after larger diameter of the bar we provided welding foe joint 

  • If the Diameter of bar greater then 36 mm prefer welded joint

  • To avoid the failure of joint the diameter of Splicing of Reinforcement Bars is restricted

  • If two different diameter bar is to be spliced for lap length calculation take the smaller diameter of Splicing of Reinforcement Bars

  • The splicing should not be done at the center of beam & at the support

The splicing should be done where the bending Moment less than or equal to (<=) 50% of MR (Moment of resistance)

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